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About RedPanda Therapy

RedPanda Therapy was founded in South Africa by Nick Coetzee and Dwain Swiegers. Both Nick and Dwain are qualified Biokineticists while Nick is also a Functional Patterns Practitioner and Dwain a Lynotherapist.

Both professionals have always seeked to help their clients beyond the scope of just exercise and movement. With this they turned their focus to one of today’s most powerful components of health, Circadian Biology.

RedPanda products are all aimed specifically to help optimize your Circadian Rhythm so that you can look and feel your best.

The first products and flagship of RedPanda Therapy is our Blue Blocker Glasses. The industry of blue blockers is filled with lenses which do not block sufficient light for therapeutic benefits. Our Day and Night lenses have been specifically designed to let the optimal amount of blue light in at different times of the day in order to optimize your health. These incredibly powerful lenses demanded the markets most stylish frames and are evident in our collections.

After helping to mitigate the negative effects of chronic blue light exposure we turned our eyes (and full bodies) towards Photobiomodulation AKA Redlight Therapy. The list of therapeutic benefits surrounding Redlight Therapy are endless. RedPanda lights have been designed to yield the benefits of both shorter (nm) and longer (nm) wavelengths in one convenient device.

Like a hand and glove, these two products have shown to have hugely synergistic benefits when combined. Our testimonials from clients have ranged from clients doubling their time in a deep sleep state to increasing testosterone by up to 50%.

RedPanda will continue to be an industry leader by putting out relevant content and supplying medical grade products, allowing the RedPanda Family to make informed decisions about their health.